Internet Trolls Are Playing A Vicious Prank On Millie Bobby Brown

WTF is going on?

Is there a sweeter, more inoffensive celebrity around than Millie Bobby Brown AKA Eleven from Stranger Things?

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The 14-year-old has become the target of a bizarre trolling campaign online trying to paint her as a racist and a homophobe. It basically involves trolls writing nasty, bigoted messages and attributing them to her, even including the hashtag #takedownmilliebobbybrown. WTF?

Here’s the sort of madness we’re dealing with:

What a bunch of absolute sad cases. At least there are some people (the majority of people) condemning the memes in response:

As that one Tweet mentions, things got so brutal that Millie has now deleted her Twitter account.

What a weird way to get your kicks – pretending a 14-year-old kid is a violent, racist homophobe and spreading it all over the internet. These are some truly messed up corners of the internet.

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Even Meek Mill wasn’t bullied this hard back when Drake’s fans decided to ruin his life.


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