Sucking Milk Straight From The Teet

Milk. A basic food stuff. Not as boring as you thought though.


So Maybe I’ve become a bit obsessed with cows. This is my second cow based article in recent weeks. I will keep it brief. To be honest I found such awesome shizzle while looking in to cows that I just couldn’t keep it to myself. So, sorry about that. Milk and cows are cooler than I thought and probably cooler than you thought. Deal with it. Above is an advert for fashion brand Sisley. When it was released the hum drum, general public, idiot-morons kicked off. Not sure why though. We all drink milk. What’s the beef? As long as she’s enjoying herself, who are we to quibble? Next up, this top shot of protesters firing milk at the police directly from the teet. They were complaining in Brussels over the shoddily low prices of dairy products back in 2009. Good on you boys:

Milk Fun At Police's Expense

Here’s a little fella in South East Asia getting busy with another teat. A touch unhygienic I guess, but it’s probably good for his immune system or something along those lines. Apparently his parents moved to a different area of Cambodia to find work and left the 20 month year old with his Grandad. He saw a calf drinking from a cow one day and decided to get involved. Gramps tried to stop him but I reckon this little guy is resourceful enough to outrun him:

Little Boy Enjoying Fresh Milk

And if you want to see the boy in action, fill your boots:

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On my internerd travels I was also lucky enough to see a woman breast feeding a hog, a deer, a monkey and a tiger. Lucky me and now lucky you, happy Monday!



Woman Breastfeeding Cow



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