Mike Tyson Is Opening A Giant Weed Farm In California

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Marijuana is now legal in the state.

You might have heard over the new year period that California finally made marijuana legal and people are very, very happy about it.

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One person who is happier than most though is Mike Tyson. Mike has been an advocate of medicinal marijuana since his retirement – probably because he got so beat up during his career that he needs something do ease his regular headaches – and he’s looking to dive right in now that it’s legal by building his own giant marijuana farm.

It’s no secret that selling weed is big money over in the states thanks to its legalisation and Tyson hopes to cash in on this trend after the purchase of the 40 acre Tyson Ranch in California City. Half of the land will be used to farm the crop, whilst the grounds will also incorporate a school devoted to helping farmers develop their own unique strains, a campground, a supply store, and a factory devoted to the production of edibles. Sounds like he’s really going for the whole shebang up in there and why not? There’s a hell of a lot worse out there that he could invest in.

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There’s no news yet on when the Tyson Ranch will open, but you can bet that when it does it’ll be a bonafide tourist attraction too and probably make a lot of money through that as well. You can’t really go wrong with it, can you?

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