Mike Tyson Says He Wants To Make A Film With Danny Dyer

What an absolute dream team.

Mike Tyson blew everyone’s minds this week by speaking of his admiration for Danny Dyer, even revealing he wants the two of them to work on a film together.

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Dyer, as we all know, smashed his roles in Football Factory and The Business before showing up as a regular on EastEnders.

Mike Tyson told the Sun:

What’s the gentleman that does all those action movies?

I forget his name, but man, he does great, funny, movie action, really awesome stuff.


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After clarifying that he was talking about Danny Dyer, he continued:

Danny Dyer. I love him to death. He’s cool and I love his movies.

I love Danny Dyer. I haven’t seen EastEnders, but I’m familiar with it.

Hearing the news, Danny kinda brushed it off:

I guess you’ve got to hear it from the horse’s mouth yourself or else you could end up looking a bit silly. Still, imagine an actual conversation, scripted or otherwise, between Danny Dyer and Mike Tyson. You’ve got to make that happen even if it’s purely for the lolz.

Way before he rocked up in Albert Square, we sat down for an interview with Danny. You can check it out HERE.


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