New Song From Ska Punk Legends About George Floyd Goes Viral Because Everyone Hates It

What were they thinking?

I’m not sure how famous/relevant The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are these days, but I’m fairly sure that most people out there probably know ‘The Impression That I Get’ because it was an absolutely huge song back in the 90s and still gets played at parties and on TV shows even now.

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However, despite this legacy I doubt that too many of us were super excited about a new Mighty Mighty Bosstones record coming out, but one of their songs have managed to go viral because it’s about the killing of George Floyd and features some truly cringeworthy lyrics, along with a video that sees a guy in a suit dancing around the streets – most definitely not appropriate for a song about cops killing an unarmed black man. Needless to say, the video took off on the internet because of it’s complete and utter tone deafness rather than because the song was actually good:

Yeah I gotta agree with all that really, but the weirdest thing about it all is why a group of 50 something year old men thought that it would be a good idea to write a ska punk song about George Floyd’s death? I suppose they’ve been making ska punk music for about forty years so that’s probably your answer. Takes a special kind of person.

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