Middlesborough Player Adam Clayton’s Bollock Fell Out On The Team’s Victory Photograph

Adam Clayton

Put it away dude.

Adam Clayton isn’t exactly a household name at this point in his footballing career, but he’s doing everything he can to try and get to that level – including getting his bollocks out on the Middlseborough team victory photo. Ballsy.

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The fateful snap was taken over the weekend following Middlesborough’s derby day victory against Sunderland. The players retired to the dressing room where they were seen celebrating in their pants and showing off their six packs, only Clayton wanted to show off a bit more as his balls slowly jumped out the bottom of his skimpy underwear. Enjoy, courtesy of none other than Stan Collymore himself:

Nice one Stan – good spot. I wonder if Clayton just walks around the Midlesborough dressing room like that all the time and it’s just his thing. I mean how could he not feel it hanging loose like that – I feel like you would definitely be able to tell that it wasn’t going to look good in the team photo and tuck it back in if he didn’t mean to do that.

Instead, I guess everyone just thinks he’s a bit of a lad or a joker now don’t they so fair play to the guy. Maybe invest in some better pants before your next match though eh pal?


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