Guy Sticks Middle Finger Up At Cop To See If He’d Respect His Constitutional Right To Do So (Spoiler = He Doesn’t)

Does this guy get what he deserves?

35 year old Adam Rupeka went for a drive with a plan to stick his middle finger up at the first policeman he saw, in order to test his constitutional right to do so (it’s not illegal to stick your middle finger up at a cop).

Just one problem — the cop doesn’t give two shits about his constitutional rights and promptly pepper sprays and arrests him:

Rupeka wasn’t charged with disorderly conduct in the end, but rather obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest. He says the pepper spray put him in hospital, his car got towed and he had to pay $153 to get it back.

To be honest, I’m kinda glad this backfired on the dude because while he’s within his rights to do it, it’s a complete arsehole move to troll anyone like that just because you can. It’s a bit of a projection move in that you’re trying to show the cop you’re untouchable the way people feel that cops (in general) are untouchable. This guy was trying to prove he had rights but unfortunately this cop also felt he had the right to pepper spray his eye balls out of his face.

As we’ve seen though, some cops like to have a little too much fun with their pepper spray.


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