Microsoft Have Been Forced To Ask People To Stop Vaping Into Their Xbox Series Xs

People think they’re overheating, but it’s a scam.

It’s hard to believe that the next generation consoles are actually out there in the wild after waiting for them for so long, but sadly there seems to be a false narrative spreading around the Xbox Series X as a bunch of videos have appeared online of it massively overheating and almost setting on fire whilst people are using it.

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This was the first video that garnered a lot of attention, as it really does look like the Xbox Series X isn’t fit for purpose and could explode at any minute:

However, it turns out that this was a fake video that was caused by someone vaping into the machine to give it the appearance of overheating. Hilariously, the problem has become so huge that X Box themselves were forced to issue a warning about it and ask people to stop doing it as well in the following tweets:

Don’t be fooled. I think it’s kind weird that people are buying X Box Series Xs just to vape on them and try to give them a bad name – they’re pretty expensive, you know? – but then again I guess this is the start of the next generation console wars and Playstation might actually be worried that Xbox are going to overtake them in the market this time?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and if any other dirty underhand tactics are employed in the coming war between the two gaming giants. What a fascinating time to be alive.

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