Watch Michael Van Gerwen Call Phil Taylor A Knob After Beating Him In Darts

Michael Van Gerwen

When you think about great and intense sporting rivalries, you don’t normally think that things are going to get too aggressive or out control in darts, but Michael Van Gerwen seems like he wants to change that image after the remarks he made about Phil Taylor yesterday.

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Van Gerwen and Taylor were squaring off in the semi final of the Grand Slam of Darts and after Van Gerwen had gotten the better of him, he conducted an interview with Sky Sports where he revealed that he called him a knob during the game. Joker:

He tried a few of his tricks, what he always does.

In the break I wasn’t allowed to cheer from my own throw. I don’t know why when I finished a 74.

What can I say? Honestly, you want to know honestly? I just walked off, had a little nip of my drink.

He came to me ‘you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that’.

I just said ‘you’re a knob’ again, that’s exactly what I said.

Yep, definitely sounds like there’s no love lost between those two, although it looks like Taylor is retiring so we unfortunately probably won’t get to witness them calling each other pillocks and other nondescript insults for the next few years. Big shame.

To make the event even weirder, Phil Taylor then decided to name drop that he had received a text from Conor McGregor of all people during his interview. No idea who he was trying to impress with that one, but it just made him look like even more of a knob really didn’t it?

What a weird creep. Hopefully now that he’s gone Van Gerwen will be able to find someone else he can insult because we clearly need some big beef in the world of darts and he looks like the man to provide it. Stay tuned.

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