Michael Phelps Vs. A Great White Shark Has The Most Dramatic Trailer Of All Time

The race of the century.

In a summer dominated by a fight that nobody wants to see but everybody’s going to tune in for anyway, the race between Michael Phelps and a great white shark for The Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week event really seems to have grabbed the public’s imagination.

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And if it hasn’t, then I’m sure the insane amounts of overly dramatic promo trailers like the one below that we’re due to see in the coming weeks is going to make sure that you do. Get a load of this:

Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe it eh? Suddenly, I really need to know whether Michael Phelps is going to be able to out swim a great white shark.

Ominously I don’t like the way that the event ‘begins’ on the Sunday, as this probably means we’re going to have a week long promo from Phelps about the big race – can’t really see the great white shark getting the same amount of airtime. But I suppose that’s going to pump us up even more for the main event. It really is going to be one for the ages.

For more sharks, check out this incredible footage of a great white shark moping around in shallow waters. They’re even scary in that state.


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