From The Pitch To The Casino: Michael Jordan’s Gambling Stories

One of the biggest basketball players of all time has to be Michael Jordan. The guy has Nike shoes made in his name; this is how popular the plate was on the basketball court. A 6-time NBA champion, Jordan would excel both in defense and also offense and took home some of the biggest wins for the Chicago Bulls. Now a retired player he is the proud owner of the Charlotte Hornets, with their hometown being in North Carolina. Some of the best interviews we have seen on tv by an athlete are by far the ones that Jordan gives, and some of his stories also depict some of his best gambling stints from casinos to football betting. Calling these events wild is an understatement, so let’s have a look at all the gambling escapades that MJ got up to.

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The Rock Paper Scissors Games

The world bets on sports, politics, when viruses will leave us, when we will find a cure for cancer and many more. MJ takes gambling to a whole new level, gambling on rock, paper scissors games. Some of his closest pals say that he could bet even a whopping 100k at the game. Other famous friends state that MJ owed them 1.3 million, yet MJ walked away with paying a mere 300k. Other golf players have come forward through time stating that they have played with MJ and in fact he owed them money. Question is, will they get paid or will MJ bail out from paying up once again?

Betting on Luggage

One of the funniest bets that we have ever heard about has to be betting on luggage. Who bets money on who’s luggage comes through first after a Team USA basketball match? Michael Jordan, that’s who. Luck was on his side as his luggage did indeed pass through first and saw his scoop the simplest 900 dollars of his life. As absurd as this might sound, this is an actual event that happened after a flight that landed in Portland airport.

When bored, Olympic Poker will solve it

It is a know fact that the team US Basketball Olympic team was a force to be reckoned with. The likes of MJ, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barley, all group into 1 team to create brilliance. The team was scoring goals left right and center and won every single match with a 40 points plus per match. The US team was so bored, that they focused on enjoying themselves and this included gambling. Some say they every pulled all nighters at the poker table. You know what, if you are at that level in the competition and have such pillars on the pitch why not. This is the only time when mixing business and pleasure is actually worth the time, and money. The MJ led group played at casinos, partied all night and won big games during the day.

Craps Tables Escapades

MJ is obsessed with the game of crap. Whilst some of us find it either tedious or hard to master, MJ was a class act. He was so into the game that he even lost up to 5 Million dollars at the Craps tables. His friends also lost some money, and with some causing havoc after and even being expelled from the NFL. Ouch!

Partying Before Playoffs

Whilst some players rest, concentrate and pray before the playoffs, MJ used to have other plans. Jordan hit the casinos one day before the big day, the playoffs and partied all night. The result?  Unfortunately the Chicago Bulls lost the big match that they had with the New York Kicks. This is where the media went out of control, and a spotlight was lit on MJ and his bad choices and gambling habits. We are not saying that it is not right to gamble, just if you have a playoffs game the next day, you might just want to wait until then? MJ did not listen and the Kicks squashed the Bulls fair and square. Worry not, as the Bulls clapped back, and took home the 1993 home title!

We cannot argue that Michael Jordan has placed basketball to the forefront of all games. He was a winner, and even in retirement he still is. Whilst it us rumored that his gambling problems have raised eyebrows, the guy is an athlete, a true athlete, with all his flaw


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