Guy Tries To Out-Dance Michael Jackson Impersonator And Gets Knocked Out Cold (VIDEO)

Only in Russia.

It’s always a bit risky to have a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing around young children, but bizarrely that isn’t where things go wrong in this video.

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This Russian MJ performer is busting out his sickest moves to ‘Smooth Criminal’ when all of a sudden, a man from the crowd decides to try and show him up by performing a spontaneous back-flip.

Not the brightest idea he ever had:

And that’s why you should never try to outshine a street performer. They’re professional showmen, they literally do this for a (crappy) living. So professional in fact that this guy didn’t even miss a beat after seeing a man snap his spine right in front of him. That’s dedication to your craft right there. Although to be fair, the crowd barely even flinched either. Suppose that’s Russia for you.

Speaking of Michael Jackson’s dance moves, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to pull off the perfect moonwalk.


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