Porn Star Mia Khalifa Just Shared This Photo Of Her ‘Worst Moment Of 2017’


Doesn’t look so bad.

Last year was a rather turbulent one for Pornhub’s (former) #1 porn star Mia Khalifa. First she was bombarded with death threats after photoshopping her face on a picture of the Virgin Mary, then she managed to piss of ISIS. Whoops.

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The girl just can’t seem to get away from controversy and with all that going on, you would think that when it came to choosing her “worst moment of 2017” it would be something to live up to the year she’s had. On the contrary, according to Mia, her worst moment simply involved sitting about in no make-up and eating a burger (pretty much a normal night in for me). Check it:

As said, there’s nothing much out of the ordinary there, but nevertheless she’s insisted that’s her worst moment.

Still, onwards and upwards and it seems like 2018 is going to be a better year for Mia – her cooking career certainly seems to be going well:

For more on Mia’s aspirations to become a chef, click HERE.


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