Mexican Kim Kardashian Takes Over Los Antrax Drug Cartel Hit Squad, Owns Pink AK-47

The new leader of Mexico’s Los Antrax hit squad is a Kim Kardashian lookalike who’s big on her social media game.

Meet Claudia Ochoa Felix, aka the Empress of Antrax, aka the Mexican Kim Kardashian.

She’s risen up the ranks to become the new leader of Mexico’s ‘Los Antrax’ hit squad, used by the Sinaloa cartel to carry out executions and revenge attacks.

She owns a pink AK47 which, I guess, she uses to murder people. Let’s also imagine she lures her enemies/traitors into bed and then beheads their penis/fucks them to death because it looks like she’s definitely capable of doing that too.

She also likes to use Instagram/Twitter to keep everyone up to date on the drug cartel life. Check it:

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