Watch This Meth Head Freak Out At A Stuffed Bear Then Attack It

Meth Head Beats Up Teddy Bear

Another reason to never get on this stuff.

We all know that meth is an absolutely disgusting and terrible drug, but if we needed any more convincing then we can watch this video and realise why we should never, ever do it in our lives.

It involves some woman sitting in what looks like a semi abandoned car having a conversation with a white teddy bear, absolutely laying into it about something that doesn’t really make much sense. It basically involves her calling the teddy bear bitch multiple times over some kind of Facebook beef that they have, then stepping out of the car and rolling around in the dirt with it beating it up. As you do.

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Only in Brookstown, am I right? I can’t find out where that is with a simple google search but remind me not to visit it if I ever see a sign for it. Although I doubt this woman will even still be there if I’m anywhere near – she’ll probably be beating up shoes in a burned out car in the middle of the forest somewhere.

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