Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Transposed To A Major Key

Metallica Younger Days - Early Photo

I’m no Metallica fan, but if you like them or not you probs know this tune. Some geek has transposed the track from sad to happy and now it sounds well weird.

Metallica Younger Days - Early Photo

I’m no Metallica fan, never have been. But they’ve been on the musical radar since I was a toddler, so I guess you have to give them some props for having managed to keep smashing it for decades, professionally. Not many bands manage that, especially not ones with any ooooomph. It may well be that Coldplay keep playing well into their 90’s, but that’s easy for them because they are annoyingly gentile. And gash. Even if you don’t know much Metallica stuff you’ve probably heard the track ‘Nothing Else Matters‘ somewhere along the line. It’s quite possible that you stumbled into the rock room of a dingy student bar one time just to watch the long haired, leather clad weirdos moving their hair about in a circle for ships and diggles.

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My landlord showed me this clip the other day, basically there’s some sort of snazzy software around nowadays which automatically changes a song in a minor key (i.e. a sad scale) to a major one (i.e. a happy one). Lord only knows how the magical music robots in the software package manage that, but that’s not my concern. If you ask me, it’s pretty weird that something as simple as changing a couple of notes in a scale makes it sound unanimously sad or happy depending on which ones you jig about with. Our brains are weird like that. Pretty much all tribes and peoples of the world have music of some description; and most people, whoever they are, can tell whether a song is sad or happy, which sounds obvious, but when you think of it all as just air molecules being vibrated at different speeds and consequently vibrating tiny little structures inside of our heads, it can melt your brain.

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If you’ve heard this Metallica track before, the following version will spin you out. Although it’s just the occasional note that’s been tweaked, the whole feel of the song is completely changed. It’s actually quite a good song tbh, as much as I want to hate it now, I can’t. See what you think.

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