Former Senior Met Officer Claims Government Is Lying About The UK’s Armed Police

The force is in crisis.

Following another disgusting terror attack on Saturday night in London, the response of the government was to increase the amount of armed police on the streets to a never before seen amount in an attempt to try and deter any future attacks.

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Unfortunately, the government was lying about this. Although the number of armed police on the streets was increased, it turns out that it hasn’t been increased to an unprecedented level, as there were more armed police on the street back in 2010 before police funding was cut. Former senior MET officer Peter Kirkham explains how the police force is currently in crisis due to public spending cuts in the interview below:

I’ve got no idea if what he’s saying is the truth, but he seems like a trustworthy source who would honestly care about something like this, so I feel inclined to believe him. More believable than Theresa May and the current incumbent government in any case, that’s for sure.

Of course, it seems unlikely that anything is going to change if the Tories stay in power following the election on Thursday, so if you want to continue to see the police force eroded and the government lie to you, I suggest voting for them. It’s up to you.

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