Messiah Madness

What does Jesus do when he’s not busy being the son of God? Well, ride bulls, play American football and ride a Harley of course. It’s the ALL AMERICAN JESUS!

Anyone who can turn water into wine is more than welcome at any party of mine. J.C. is a bit off the wall though and he would no doubt turn into a bit of a freak after a few and start playing dead and start resurrecting himself etc. After all, he does turn up in the strangest of places, on  toast for example, in clouds,crisps, on the back of irons, on car windows and in various dirty stains around the world. So therefore, I reckon he would have been over the moon with these bizarre tributes.

Looking good for Jesus kit :

As the packaging states  ‘get his attention’ with the looking good for Jesus kit. The pack contains a mirrored Jesus statuette, vanilla nectar lip balm and Easter – Lily hand & body cream (lol).

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