Mental Russian Girl Whacks Her Attacker With A Tyre Iron Until She’s Asleep With The Fishes (VIDEO)

Tyre Iron Mauling

Absolutely brutal girl fight.

I’ve got absolutely no context for the video below, but I suppose all you really need to know is that it’s in Russia. Enough said.

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In the video a whole bunch of girls are fighting with each other and it seems like it must be over pretty important because they’re beating the absolute shit out of each other. Not only does one try to bite another one in some kind of creepy zombie attack, but once she’s managed to fight her off the girl who was getting attacked mounts her on the floor and repeatedly whacks her unconscious head with a tyre iron, kinda like something out of Drive.

Absolutely brutal:

Yeah, remind me not to get in a fight with anyone from Russia. Or better yet just to not ever visit Russia so there’s no chance that anything even remotely resembling this situation can ever happen to me. Absolutely terrifying.

For more of the same – to prove this isn’t just a random occurrence – check out these mental fights that went down on Russian reality television. That’s where someone is supposed to be monitoring the situation and stopping stuff like this from developing, so bear that in mind whilst you’re watching it.


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