Melania Trump Sues The Daily Mail For £113 Million For Calling Her A Prostitute

Don’t mess with the Trumps.

A Daily Mail article last month cited a Slovenian magazine’s report that a New York modelling agency Melania Trump worked for in the 90s also served as an escort agency, linking wealthy clients with women for sex.

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Donald Trump’s other half has now filed a $150 million (£113 million) lawsuit against the newspaper.

As of today, the story no longer appear on the Daily Mail website.



So did the Daily Mail actually flat out call Melania a prostitute? The article was titled ‘Racy photos, and troubling questions about his wife’s past that could derail Trump’ and they said the company “operated an escort agency for wealthy clients”. I suppose that amounts to saying she had sex for money, even though they deny it in their retraction.

Good thing the rest of us know that Melania Trump was never a hooker (apparently) and so we won’t be getting sued for £113 million. Phew! That’s real fact-checking journalism right there.

Don’t mess with the Trumps – you don’t want to end up like Gawker after Hulk Hogan was done with them.


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