Mel Gibson Goes Crazy

Mel Gibson – already known for being a complete weirdo – loses it again when a script isn’t delivered on time and goes on a two minute rampage.

Does anyone remember when Mel Gibson used to be cool? Like before he was a megastar celebrity who was openly racist and completely weird? No, me neither but it probably did happen when he was just in cool movies like Mad Max and um, Ransom maybe? But yeah he’s pretty much been certifiable on a couple of occasions in the last few years – in fact I’m surprised Sick Chirpse has never featured one of his meltdowns before, unless you count our review of The Beaver lolz (which actually never got published, whoops) -and it’s happened once again.

Some screenwriter called Joe Eszerthas -who’s main claims to fame are writing Basic Instinct and Showgirls, nicely – was visiting Mel Gibson in Costa Rica to discuss some new script for some movie called the Maccabees. It isn’t about the band but about some heroic Jews in the middle ages or something, and was going to help repair the bad blood between Mel Gibson and the Jews which exists because he went on a rant when he was wasted saying how he hated Jews. I’m sure making a movie will go a long way to making people believe that those aren’t his real views.

Anyway, Eszerthas was supposed to deliver a first draft to Gibson at this point but he didn’t, so Mel Gibson went fvcking crazy. And I mean crazy! He’s off the chain, dropping the F-bomb and screaming like there’s no tomorrow. I think he manages to use fvck as a verb, adjective and noun during this rant which is pretty impressive.  Then for some reason he starts screaming at his girlfriend too, calling her a ‘fvcking cocksuking whore’ before finally going mental and exclaiming ‘Who wants to eat?! Who the fvck wants to eat?! Go have something to eat! Hurrrrraaaaayyyyyy!’ Then he screams fvck repeatedly as he runs out of the house and gets in his car and drives off.

Apparently Mel Gibson is irate that this has leaked and people think he’s even weirder and highly strung than they did before. The recording was made by Eszerthas’s 15 year old son on his iPhone (hi tech) who was there at the time, and Gibson is looking into suing him for invasion of privacy. That all sounds kind of boring though, I probably won’t follow up on this story unless Mel Gibson does something else crazy.

Anyway, you can listen to the rant here, it’s pretty jokes, I’m trying to think of Mel Gibson going crazy in a movie that is comparable to this but I really can’t think of anything. Maybe Payback? Any ideas?


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