Mel C is back with a catchy song and a new album. Only problem is it sounds exactly like Katy Perry.

Mel C has been absent from our lives for a few years now, and for some of us this is a godsend. That said, I myself am a self confessed Spice Girls fan (it’s what happens when you’re a 90’s child!) and so, when I heard from my fellow Spice Girls companion – also known as my best friend and the girl who is making me wear an undersized union jack dress for her 18th birthday  admittedly with no complaints from me – that Mel C had released a new single named Think About It and was bringing out an album entitled The Sea in early September, I was intrigued. Naturally, my first thought was that I must inform all the wonderful people at Sick Chirpse.

Consequently I looked Mel C’s song up on YouTube and gave it a listen. Then I listened again. And again. And again. I couldn’t quite place it; I had definitely heard this song before. Then after I’d listened to it about ten more times, which wasn’t actually such a bad thing as at first I wasn’t a huge fan of the obvious pop genre and the way the producers didn’t just leave Mel C’s voice in it’s beauty but it is definitely a song that grows on you. Then I realised: it has an unmistakeable resemblance to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

I found an acoustic version of the song which, whilst making an impression, is nothing compared to the studio version which aids the appeal of the song much more, making it something that you can listen to again and again. I then found a live version of the song which showcases Mel C’s flawless voice as she sings without lip-syncing or heavy backing tracks. Nevertheless, no matter how much I listen to the song I can’t help but compare it to Teenage Dream, which I also believe to be a catchy and likeable song (plus, the music video is awesome to watch because Katy Perry is undeniably HOT).

Where the song gets the upper hand on Teenage Dream is through Mel C performing it live because no matter how much we love her I think we can all agree Katy Perry isn’t the most talented when it comes to performing her songs live. Good news all round though, Mel C has most definitely ditched her trainers and crop tops and opted for more sophisticated – and at times revealing – outfits in the music video for Think About It. It’s all good guys, she looks relatively hot for her age too, so the moments where there are short skirts aren’t cringe-worthy at all.

Think About It is the second single to be released from Mel C’s fifth solo album The Sea. The first being Rock Me which, in all honesty didn’t thrill me in terms of musical appeal. In the music video it was evident she wanted to drop the ‘Sporty Spice’ persona as she performed in a leather jacket to go with what I assumed tried to be a ‘pop-rock’ genre of song. However, a song that was designed to be the official song for the FIFA Women’s World Cup did mean singing in a skate park surrounded by dancers in tracksuits and featuring women heading footballs around and doing fancy tricks with them which couldn’t stop you from making the ‘Sporty Spice’ comparison. Think About It is the more endearing song and the one that I think will be most successful if Mel C has any success at all. Personally, I hope she does because this could be a great comeback for her. The music is evidently tailored for younger women but could appeal to anyone. I’d definitely recommend you at least give it a listen, it most definitely becomes a feel good song!



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