McDonald’s Worker Gets Dragged Through Drive-Through Window By The Hair During Argument With Customer

Here’s what can happen when you work in the most ghetto McDonald’s in America.

How could working for minimum wage at the most looked-down-upon company on the planet get any worse for a person? When a customer grabs you by the hair and brutally drags through the drive-through window, that’s how.

Yeah, that literally happened:

Total savages. It really makes you wonder how we never hear about McDonald’s employees going on crazy mass killing sprees. It must take all the self-discipline you’ve got not to completely lose the plot working for that company and getting crapped on by the world every day. If I was 18+ and working in McDonald’s I would just tell everyone I was unemployed. And then I’d probably just quit if I had to deal with dickheads who want to fight me through a drive-through window, or kill me because we don’t serve chicken nuggets before 11am.

I guess you’ve got to be prepared for anything when you work at the most ghetto McDonald’s in America.


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