McDonald’s serve buns with mouse droppings on to unsuspecting customers. Dirty.

We’ve all been there and woken up with a hangover more cruel than Hitler. Threatening to drag you down onto the slabs, where your eyes feel like they already are because they’re so heavy. You’re dying for something to eat; something messy, stodgy and easy. You find a McDonald’s and throw it down – suddenly the world isn’t so bad after all. Until a few hours later, when the hangover creeps back. However, in those few hours, you don’t think of the shit you’ve just eaten. It might not cross your mind, until you pass a McDonald’s when you’re sober and the thoughts of the grease and the fat and the cardboard meat instantly makes you shiver with regret.

You will if you try not to eat the stuff, like me, anyway.

As you can probably guess, for me, McDonald’s is strictly hangover food. And that’s only when paracetamol and numerous mugs of tea and marmite on toast haven’t shaken the thing off. It does taste good, but the mere thought of how fake it all is and of how bad it is, played a big part in me deciding only to eat it in emergencies. That, and the stories you always hear of the hygiene in some of the restaurants being about the same as a public urinal turned me right off. Ronald McDonald didn’t help, either. I’ve always thought he’s a bit of a paedo.

So, as you can imagine, when I found this video of a mouse enjoying his afternoon jog in a bag full of McDonald’s rolls, it made me despise the place so much more and I’ll kill myself if I ever eat a McDonald’s again:

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Karruim Demaio – the guy who filmed it who not surprisingly is now an ex-employee of the franchise – has said, ‘That wasn’t the first time. That was about the sixth or seventh time. That’s what made me like, I got to get a video of this.’

The McDonald’s in question is in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t make a difference. The whole franchise is stained. Apparently, bosses at the branch told workers to brush off the droppings on the buns and to serve them to customers. Hideous, isn’t it?

My hangover money will be spent on something else from now on. Like more paracetamol.


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