McDonald’s Will Sell Big Mac Special Sauce For A Limited Time Only

Oh boy.

When it comes to McDonald’s, I don’t think that there’s anything that makes people go as crazy as their Big Mac Special Sauce, so the news that it’s going to be available to buy for a limited time only in this country is sure to make people go absolutely primal.

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McDonald’s have confirmed that the Big Mac Special Sauce will be available from February 12th for the price of 50p for a 50ml pot. There are only a limited number of them available though and it’s expected that they’re going to fly off the shelves, so if you want some then you had better make a note of the date and get back to your local store pronto.

Here’s what McDonald’s had to say about it:

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The 50ml pots will retail for 50p each, will be available 24 hours a day, have a seven-day shelf life and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

[They are] expected to sell out quickly with restaurant staff prepped for bulk orders and big queues.

See what I mean? They’re not messing about with this stuff are they? This is gonna be big, so you had better get ready if you want to get involved. Just saying.

For more of the same, check out how to make the Special Sauce yourself if you can’t get your hands on it. Very useful information.


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