McDonald’s Have Officially Launched A Vegan Burger


Cashing in on Veganuary.

Veganism is everywhere these days – especially during Veganuary – and it was only a matter of time before all the major fast food outlets started offering vegan alternatives to some of their dishes.

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The next one to add their name to the list is McDonald’s who have now officially launched a vegan burger. The patty is made of soy and then it’s topped with salad, tomato, pickles, ketchup and ‘vegan McFeast sauce’ which is apparently some kind of vegan mayo.

Given the usual quality of McDonald’s burgers, I wasn’t expecting vegans to be overly impressed with this offering but surprisingly the early reviews are actually pretty good. Here’s what a couple of people have had to say about it:

Yeah I mean it doesn’t look that great but hey, I guess the main reason you go to McDonald’s is the cheapness and reliability that it tastes exactly the same wherever you are in the world. And I guess on one level it’s great that vegans can now enjoy that privilege too.

Unfortunately, they’re still in the process of rolling this out worldwide as it’s currently only available in Sweden and Finland, but I reckon after its success over there it’ll soon be adopted in the rest of the world. Given how popular veganism seems to be in the UK now, I can’t see it being too long until we see it over here at least.

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