McDonald’s Is Now Selling Sweet Potato Fries

McDonald's Sweet Potato

About time.

Over the past few years you can only argue really that in terms of increasing everyday popularity, the only real rival that to the avocado is possibly the sweet potato. Think about it – ten years ago you would never buy either of them and now they’re practically in every meal.

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It seems bizarre that it would take the most popular fast food franchise in the world so long to cotton on to this inescapable food trend, but it seems like McDonald’s has finally decided to add sweet potato fries to their menus. Don’t jump for joy yet though – the delicious orange fries are already available in Sweden and Amsterdam apparently, but this new announcement is only referring to a trial that is currently taking place in 18 restaurants in Texas.

Sweet Potato

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Great. I mean there’s every chance that the trial will be successful and a slow roll out will take place across the US, but that still means it’s probably going to be months or even years until we manage to finally get them over here. I guess it’s not too far to go to Sweden or Amsterdam, but still nobody’s going to travel that distance just for sweet potato fries from McDonald’s are they? Are they?

Yeah that’s right I hope you aren’t. Just go check out some of the new menu items from Nando’s instead. Way better.


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