McDonald’s Just Opened A Concept Store In Hong Kong Called ‘McDonald’s Next’

McDonald’s is making some massive changes – here’s what they look like.

There’s been a lot of talk over the years about McDonald’s re-branding themselves and becoming healthier and whatnot, and now it looks like they’re finally making a go of it by testing out a new branch of McDonald’s known as ‘McDonald’s Next’ over in Hong Kong.

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You’ll notice that they’ve done away with Ronald McDonald and co. and even got rid of all the bright colours that make Maccy D’s so recognisable.

Instead we’ve got salad bars, fancy pastries, mood lighting, red glass and whole load of stainless steel:


There’s also a Create Your Taste touch screen for custom-made meals:


A water fountain with McCups:


You can even charge your phone while you munch:


The overall presentation of the burgers and chips have seen a major overhaul too:


Almost good enough for first date material eh?

Hopefully this new look McDonald’s will keep the crackheads out – you know, the once who go on mad rampages because you won’t serve them chicken nuggets at 10am.


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