McDonald’s Is Giving Away 12 McGold Cards That Give You Free McDonald’s For Life

I’m lovin’ it.

Looks like Ronald McDonald is fully in the festive spirit because McDonald’s have just announced that they are giving away 12 McGold cards that will hook you up with free Maccy’s for life.

Beginning December 5, every order completed in the McDonald’s app will enter customers into a contest to win a McGold Card. Three winners will get a card that earns them free McDonald’s for life. Plus, each winner will get three extra cards to give away for a total of 12 cards being won, so you can sort your mates out too (or sell them to the highest bidder, I guess). For UK customers, make sure you order via the “Offers” of your McDonald’s app because it doesn’t add it automatically for some reason.

Winning one of these cards puts you in the prestigious company of McGold Card owners Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Rob Lowe, among others. Which kind of diminishes the prestige of the card for them, but hey ho. Not like they need it or probably even use it in the first place.

The point is – us common folk deserve the chance to enjoy free McDonald’s for life as much as these millionaires and billionaires. Well, when I say free McDonald’s for life, that’s not quite the case when you take a closer look:

In 2018, McDonald’s issued a few gold cards during a contest, but the winner was eligible to get “only” two free meals a week for 50 years. That rule applies to this year’s promotion too, which ends on December 25.

Two free meals a week? That’s nowhere near ‘free McDonald’s for life’! Which is probably for the best to be honest – small chance you’d make it past 50 if you were literally eating free McDonald’s every day of your life. For some people, owning a McGold Card isn’t even necessarily about all the free Maccy D’s you get anyway. It’s about being able to flex the fact that you have a McGold Card sitting in your wallet. All you have to do now is purchase as much McDonald’s as possible via the app in order to be in with even a miniscule chance. Good luck!

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