Here’s The Moment A McDonald’s Employee Punched His Manager In The Face In Front Of Customers

Is it possible to get ever get employed again after punching your manager at McDonald’s in the face?

This footage comes from Maccy D’s over in Westchester County, New York, where an employee in the middle of arguing with his manager suddenly flips his lid and starts punching him up.

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Some of the crowd seem shocked but most of them are actually cheering it on.

Watch below:

I know working at McDonald’s isn’t exactly the highlight of anyone’s life but still, the one thing you absolutely must refrain from doing is punching your manager in the face. There’s not one single person working in any McDonald’s around the world that isn’t replaceable. And there’s not much worse that can go on your employment histoy than being fired from McDonald’s for beating up your superior.

Whatever the case, not a patch for what goes down in the most ghetto McDonald’s in America.


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