McDonald’s Customer Charged With Robbery After Filling His Water Cup With A Soft Drink

McDonald's Cup

We’ve all done it.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book when you go somewhere like Nando’s to ask for a water cup and then fill it up with your favourite soft drink instead so you avoid paying for it, and it almost always works too.

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This might no longer be the case though as McDonald’s over in the USA – Springdale, Arkansas to be exact – are now charging the 18 year old dork you can see below with robbery after he asked for water, threw it away and put soda in his cup instead. Cody Morris was one of three teens that ordered water when passing through the drive thru, but the sneaky manager spotted them pulling over and walking into the store, throwing their water away and grabbing the soda instead.

Cody Morris

Morris was the only one of the three who refused to give the soda back (not sure what use that would have been, were they gonna give it to another customer?) once they were confronted by the manager. The manager was such a busybody that he even ran out into the car park and tried to block Morris’ car from leaving, but Morris just whacked it in reverse and hit him twice before leaving the premises. He was arrested when the cops found his car at a nearby bowling alley.

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Lol, of course you got to McDonald’s then hit up the bowling alley. Sick day out. It’s unclear whether he’ll be charged for hitting the guy at this point but if they’re going to charge him with robbing soda then I think they should probably focus on something that is actually a crime here?

In all seriousness though, if he’s found guilty of this it could set up a whole new legal precedent for all the teenagers out there that do this on the reg. Fortunately it won’t affect me because I can afford to pay for a soft drink when I go out for food, but you’ve got to feel for everyone that this could affect in the future. That extra £1 every time you go out is really going to screw things up for some people.

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