McDonald’s Cheeseburger Stays Exactly The Same For A Year

Ever wonder what would happen if you left a McDonald’s cheeseburger on a shelf for a year? Now you can find out.

This happened way back at the start of the year and I meant to write something about it but never got around to it until now, so apologies about the delay. Anyway, some nutritionist from California bought a cheeseburger from McDonald’s over a year ago (gross) and didn’t eat it, and instead just left it on the shelf for an entire year to see what happened to it. It was unwrapped and unrefrigerated. Sorry about the quality of the pic but it was the only one I could find.

Did it go mouldy and disintegrate? Did bacteria eat it?  Were maggots crawling around in it? Did the cheese melt? Did the bread go stale? No, the simple answer is that nothing happened to it at all. Yeah, Ok, the bread did go a little stale but essentially the cheeseburger stayed exactly the same. For a year. That’s 365 days. It just stayed the same. It even kind of smelled the same. After one year.  I don’t know what that means but it seems fvcking gross to me. How can meat not go bad? How can cheese not go bad? What about that horrible little pickle they always include? How can this be possible?

The conclusion that this nutritionist from California came to was that fast food is so gross and full of preservatives (a McDonald’s cheeseburger has 25 different ingredients apparently) that this effectively causes it not to mould. In essence, the food is so gross that even bacteria won’t eat it. I’ll repeat that, not even bacteria will eat McDonald’s because it is THAT gross. I can’t say I’ve eaten at McDonald’s recently (Ok you got me maybe I had a McFlurry a few weeks ago) but this is something that has hopefully put me off ever eating there again.

Apparently this isn’t the first time someone has performed an experiment like this either. In 2008, somebody revealed that they had kept a McDonald’s hamburger (no cheese this time) for 12 years and it looked exactly like one they had just bought. There’s a picture below. Apparently this one stunk a bit though, and it didn’t have any cheese on (I didn’t even know you could buy a plain hamburger from McDonald’s, why would anybody do that) which could make a difference to the whole process as you would think (I think?) that that’s more likely to go bad than the bread or burger. It’s still completely rank though. I just don’t know what to think about it, I know I already said it but how can food like this not go bad? It’s all kinds of wrong. Never again.


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