Mayor Of Antwerp Caught Wearing No Trousers During Zoom Interview (VIDEO)

Finally a relatable politician.

At a time where politicians are being caught breaking their own Covid restrictions practically every day, appearing on a televised Zoom interview in your pants in the middle of a pandemic somehow doesn’t seem all that embarrassing anymore.

That’s not to say Bart de Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp, wasn’t embarrassed though, because he definitely seems a little flummoxed once the presenter points it out:

I’m a bit distracted

You are wearing a very nice top, you probably donned it especially for us. But under that top: Could you be there in your underwear?

Lol. I like how he appears completely confused as to how she knew, before clocking on that the mirror behind him gave him away.

He actually seemed a little ashamed too at first? Although nice to see nobody took the situation too seriously in the end. He even moved his phone to show everybody watching that he was indeed sitting through a televised interview is in underpants. That’s how you win a re-election right there! True man of the people.

For the Argentine congressman caught sucking a woman’s tits during an important government Zoom meeting, click HERE. Whoops.


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