Matias Urbano Is A Sickhead

Ever seen a guy score a robana? What about two robanas in six days? Meet Matias Urbano. (What’s a robana?)

Matias Urbano is some Argentinian striker who plays in the Chilean first division for Union San Felipe. Big wow yeah, I know. But he’s a complete sickhead. Firstly, he scored a completely sick volleyed rabona goal a couple of weeks ago. If you don’t know what a rabona goal, it’s kinda like where you wrap one foot around your standing leg and hit the ball from that angle.

Maybe that doesn’t explain it so well….all you need to do really is check out the video below and let Matias Urbano do the talking (apologies for the shitty quality and stupid colours but apparently Mattias Urbano and his goal are so sick that the Chilean Tv channel that filmed it took all the videos off Youtube and Vimeo to stop other people claiming the ad revenue):

This is a sick goal and Matias Urbano is a sickhead, no doubt about it. When he first got this in a couple of weeks ago, everyone was like ‘that’s a completely sick goal, no doubt about it. You only seen a rabona goal about once every four years….that was a real treat.’

Well, everyone had to eat their words as not even one week later (six days to be precise) Matias Urbano was at it again, as he scored another rabona goal in his side’s next fixture against Deportes Iquique. This one isn’t as good as the first rabona but it’s still VERY sick. The best thing about it is that it’s completely unnecessary in the situation – and that makes Matias Urbano an even bigger sickhead: he just busts out rabonas whenever he wants and they still go in. Check out the second of Matias Urbano’s robanas below and stay tuned for his crazy dying fish celebration….never really seen anything like it.

Every single video of this aside from the one on the Sun’s website seems to have been deleted too, so apologies about sending you to another link. I hate not being able to embed videos but whenever we embed something that isn’t on YouTube it screws the entire Sick Chirpse site up. I asked Jayou to try and fix it but he was too busy making beats or getting baked or something. Anyway, here’s the link to it, and my humblest apologies. If anyone can find it on YouTube leave a comment and I’ll change it around: Matias Urbano is sick.

What’s next for Matias Urbano in the future? It seems unlikely that he’ll win a transfer to a division better than the Chilean first division on the strength of a couple of robanas, so he’ll probably stay there and continue to score some more robanas. Matias Urbano, what a sickhead.


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