Mass Brawl Between Orthodox Jew Gangs Causes Havoc On North London Streets (VIDEO)


Panic in the streets of London.

This week saw an unlikely fight break out on the streets between two rival gangs of orthodox Jews.

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The footage shows two large crowds of Jews arguing on Clapton Common before the whole thing descends into a mass brawl, spilling out onto the road.

As the video shows, Hackney police officers appear to break up the fight. They claim that the groups had been protesting over a visiting rabbi in Stamford Hill.

In a statement, the police said:

There were two rival groups of people who were protesting about the presence of a Rabbi in the community. [It was] dealt with by us.

No arrests have been made so far. To watch the fight video, click on this link.

Well, that’s not a fight you see everyday. I would have thought that all North London Jews would feel some sort of unity – clearly I was wrong. Even the peace and wellbeing that is associated with religiosity isn’t enough to stop you banging out your rival church in the name of your favourite celebrity (I’m talking about the visiting rabbi). Hopefully the ‘good’ gang won.

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