MMA Fight Descends Into Chaos After Controversial Kick Sparks 20 Man Brawl (VIDEO)

Controversial Kick

That kick was nasty.

MMA is a brutal sport, but most of that brutality we normally witness from the two men competing inside the octagon and not their respective entourages after the conclusion of the fight.

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The recent fight between Montenegrin brawler Vaso Bakocevic and Stefan Zvijera in Serbia descended into such scenes. Bakocevic’s nickname is ‘Psychopath’ and he certainly lived up to his reputation when Zvijera slipped to the canvas and he kicked him in the face without any hesitation, causing him to be KO’ed and the bout to be stopped.

However, Zvijera’s trainer believed that Psycho’s kick was illegal and raised his fighter’s hand aloft as the victor following the stoppage. Bakocevic’s camp weren’t having that at all though, and within seconds a huge fight broke out between about 20 people.

You can watch the brawl below, and there’s also another video of the whole match, with all the post match craziness going on for about ten minutes. If you want to jump straight to that, skip to around the 18 minute mark:

Crazy right? Bakocevic looks like a piece of work doesn’t he? No wonder his nickname is Psychopath. He’s the champion over there now though, so I’m sure we’re gonna end up seeing more of these kinds of antics very soon. Maybe he’ll fight Conor McGregor one day (yeah, I know they’re not the same weight class, but Conor McGregor isn’t a boxer so go fuck yourself).

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