German Goalkeeper Pulls Off SNEAKIEST MOVE EVER To Prevent Striker From Scoring Penalty (VIDEO)

Augsburg keeper Marwin Hitz secured man of the match in a big way during his side’s 0-0 draw against Cologne on Saturday, after pulling off this super sneaky tactic that led to him saving a penalty.

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After watching a Cologne player go down in the box, Hitz uses all the commotion around him as a diversionary tactic to dig a hole next to the penalty spot.

Amazingly, Cologne’s Anthony Modeste completely fell for it (literally).

Watch below:

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That’s a goalkeeper you want playing for your team right there. Someone who isn’t afraid to bend the rules (or break them completely) to get his team ahead. Well I guess he didn’t really get them ahead since the game finished as 0-0 draw but still, he prevented a loss and pulled off one of the biggest strokes of pure evil genius in football history. The ref and striker were both snoozing. And what happens when you snooze? You lose (or draw).

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a 2pac-lookalike goalkeeper from Belgium knocking himself out on the goal post.


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