Martin Shkreli’s Twitter Got Hacked And The Hacker Is Taking The Piss Big Time

Anyone feeling sorry for this guy yet?

Last week was a horrible, horrible week for pharma CEO dickhead Martin Shkreli, but it looks like his run of bad luck is set to continue after someone hacked his Twitter account last night.

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Whoever was behind it changed his name to ‘Martin The God’, then fired off a load of Tweets:


A+ on this one:

The very last Tweet gave some indication of where the hacker might be from (unless it’s actually Jamie Vardy?):


Shkreli’s spokesman, Craig Stevens, confirmed that the account had been hacked.

We have been working with Twitter to get it fixed.

Can’t be working too hard – the Tweets are still up.

Since his arrest at the hands of the FBI last week, Shkreli has been replaced as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. He’s now out on bail.


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