Martin Shkreli Is Finally Doing Something Worthwhile With His Life

Martin Shkreli

He’s ready to give something back.

Martin Shkreli steamrollered into public consciousness late last year as the douchebag who tried to justify raising the price of an AIDS drug by 5000%, and somehow he’s managed to stay relevant by just being more and more of a douchebag over the ensuing months. It’s almost as if he enjoys being one of the most hated men on the internet.

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But now it looks as though he might be ready to give something back by honing in on what everyone in the world wants to do to him – punch him in the face. What’s more is that it’s actually for a good cause bizarrely?

Shkreli details the story in his tweets below:

Wow – does Martin Shkreli actually have a heart? Or does he only care about stuff like this when it was one of his bros being affected? Probably the latter.

Whichever it is though, this is for a good cause and an absolutely sick way to spend $80,000 if you have it lying around. Unfortunately most of us don’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be super satisfying to see someone slap the shit out of this little fucker in the coming days.

Absolutely cannot wait for that video to see the light of day, although I half expect one of Shkreli’s cronies to win the auction and then hoard the video so nobody can ever see it, just like he did with the Wu Tang album. Asshole.


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