Drunk Guy Harasses Woman In Front Of Jiu Jitsu Gym, Classy Martial Artist Deals With Him In Best Way Possible

This guy is an absolute class act.

The story here goes that this bum was harassing a young lady outside Kurt Osiander’s BJJ Academy in San Francisco.

Not the wisest location to start trouble outside of, but lucky for him the martial artist who confronted him did at least show some restraint before sending him packing:

Nicely done. There’s really no coming back from being face down on the floor with some guy straddling and bitch slapping you from behind. Time to call it a day after that I reckon.

Also must’ve rewatched that leg sweep about 100 times. Put me in a relatively low-risk situation and I’m trying that move every time. Maybe next time some redneck tries to run me off the road and I need to deliver that sweet street justice.


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