Watch A Married Jehovah’s Witness Strip Naked In A Stranger’s Living Room After His Wife Set Him Up

To Catch A Cheater Jehovah's Witness

Not so religious now.

The YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater has given us a lot of entertainment in the past, but it’s been a while since we’ve had an absolute banger from them.

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As usual though, they have eventually delivered with the video below, which features a Jehovah’s witness being set up by his wife. She apparently converted to the religion for him but was suspicious that he wasn’t quite as morally devout as he made out and that he and his congregation were all a bunch of hypocrites.

In order to test this, she hired the To Catch A Cheater guys to set him up whilst he was on his door to door preaching with a hot busty young female who was very sexually explicit and well, the results kinda speak for themselves:

Oof I think that guy got stitched up good and proper then. I mean I’d like to think that I wouldn’t go for it if I was in that situation, but if a smoking hot woman is literally throwing herself at you like that absolutely relentlessly with no shame then you can’t really blame him for cracking eventually.

To be fair to the guy, he did try to leave and shut it down about five times before finally submitting, although I’ve gotta say that his tactic of taking all his clothes off in the living room probably wasn’t the best move. Probably shows how long it’s been since he last had sex though. Still feel like he got a bit thrown under the bus though, what the hell did this woman expect to happen?

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