5 Fantastic Benefits Of Market Intelligence For Supply Chain Companies



Managing a supply chain company is more than just marketing and selling products. It involves the tact of understanding the market and being in sync with the supply chain to be able to provide the best service. Traditionally the job was tedious but with market intelligence, the supply chain business scene has changed drastically.

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Here, let us explore 5 of the most amazing benefits that market intelligence has to offer to supply chain companies.

1. Competitive Advantage

Market intelligence gives you an advantage over your competitors by increasing your reaction speed. The faster you know, the earlier you can act upon a situation. Companies benefit by being quicker than their competitors in terms of taking important decisions. If you find out that there is a supply issue or a component that is difficult to find in the market, you can act upon it faster with real-time knowledge. This is exactly what market intelligence helps with. For supply chains, it is essential to have a contingency plan for errors, and to put that plan in action, real-time updates help significantly.

2. Better Business Strategies Leading To Customer Satisfaction

Supply businesses are nothing without the support of customers. It is essential to keep the customers happy and satisfied if one wants to make it big in the market. Knowing the customers’ demand helps in improving the service of products and services. With the help of market intelligence, you can create a supply chain that is low cost, reliable, and quick to function. It will help to offer optimum service to customers too in lesser time. Market intelligence is constantly on the lookout for changes in the demands of the customers so you can make those changes in your chain as well. It helps to build trust and happy customers are always a boon for any business.

3. Early Warnings For Mishaps

To stay on top of your business, it is essential to be ahead of things and ahead of your competitors too. How can one do this? By being prepared not just for boosts but mishaps in the business too. Market intelligence does a great job at ringing the red alert bells for any unpredicted events or mishaps that are likely to occur. It gives you time to prepare for alternatives and find a solution before the problem strikes. For instance, if one supplier has a downfall, how will it affect your business? Or if the demand for your product increases in a certain area, are you well prepared with strategies to make the most of that opportunity? Market intelligence helps you deal with these incidents hand-on. It prepares you for the unforeseen by giving early warnings.

4. Risk Management At A Bigger Level

Going beyond problems of demand and supply, market intelligence also alerts the companies of catastrophes that might affect the insurance or have legal implications. It minimizes the risk by preparing companies to deal with such events right at the cusp of it.

5. Managing Supplies

Similar to customers, managing your supply teams is equally important. Maintaining a healthy relationship with them will have a positive impact on the business. With market intelligence, you can find out about the ongoing patterns of the suppliers, changes in the management hierarchy, dispossession of subsidiary businesses, etc. All of this affects the supply chain. When it is time to find a new supplier, market intelligence strategies help to understand the management of the new supplier, their business strategies so far, their relationship with customers, etc. It gives you an overall idea of whether the suppliers are a good fit for your business. This way you are prepared to negotiate well and have an advantage over them because of your background check. 

In Conclusion

Market intelligence is your best ally when it comes to staying up-to-date about every aspect of the business. Right from market trends to suppliers to customer demands, wins and losses, and events that might impact the business positively or negatively; market intelligence helps to give you a bird’s eye view of the whole scene. It gives you more control over your own business as you gain insights on how to expand your horizons. Making your company competitive by keeping you ahead of the race is the best thing that market intelligence has to offer.



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