Mario Balotelli Immortalised In A Crop Circle

Mario Balotelli is never out of the news, but for once it’s not actually him doing something crazy. Some Italian dude has made a crop circle picture of him.

I guess Mario Balotelli didn’t do that well last night – although it was really cool when he pointed to the corner where he was going to put his penalty in the shootout – but this hasn’t stopped some crazy Italian artist immortalising him in a crop circle picture over the weekend. OK I guess maybe not immortalised as I guess the corn will eventually go bad or get picked and eaten or whatever, but it’s still pretty cool. I mean I would love it if someone drew a picture of me in a crop circle, no doubt. Or even if Sick Chirpse got written in a crop circle. It’s just a dope way to be remembered.

Apparently this Italian artist is called Dario Gambarini and he has already made a bunch of crop circles of famous people like Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, but nobody has really bothered to mention these in mainstream media (or alternative media, whatever) because they aren’t anywhere near as cool as a crop circle of Mario Balotelli. The dude uses tractors to make crop circles as well, which seems kind of obvious to me but makes me wonder why everyone used to get so crazy about crop circles and blame aliens or pagan gods or whoever for making them and getting really paranoid that it was the end of the world. It was clearly just Dario Gambarini on one of his tractors training up so he could one day make a crop circle of Marion Balotelli and well, that day is finally here and boy does it look great.

Gambarini had the following to say about the crop circle: ‘I wanted to pay homage to all the Azzuri but it seemed ideal to reproduce the blonde Mohawk of Balotelli on a field of threshed wheat.’

Of course, that seems a perfectly ‘ideal'(?!?!) way to spur on the Azzuri. Right.  Anyway,  check out a couple of pictures of it below:


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