Mario Balotelli just gets better and better.

Here at Sick Chirpse we love  Mario Balotelli and the WWE. Or at least we used to like WWE and still check it out from time to time at least. Like when we get really crunk and go to the WWE. Or when it’s Wrestlemania. That’s about it really when it comes to WWE.

But we still love Mario Balotelli. I mean, he’s the best right? You never know what Mario Balotelli is going to get up to. He might ask ‘Why Always Me?’ but everyone at home is like ‘Mario Balotelli, it’s always you because you’re an idiot!’ Or a super cool dude, it really depends on how you look at the guy.

So, we were overjoyed tonight when two of our favourite things – the WWE and Mario Balotelli – came together, and as is always the case with Mario Balotelli, it was in a suitably ridiculous story. It turns out that Mario Balotelli went to WWE Raw tonight in Liverpool. OK, no big deal, I mean even the guys from Sick Chirpse go and watch WWE Raw every now and again (except we get really crunk at WWE Raw which Mario Balotelli probably didn’t do), it’s a cool thing to do? However, we don’t go down in Sick Chirpse t-shirts with our names written on the back, although maybe we would get more traffic if we did.

But that’s exactly what Mario Balotelli did tonight at Raw. Obviously not worried about being recognised, he wore a Manchester City away shirt with Balotelli and the number 45 on the back so that everyone would recognise him. He also made sure that he sat really near the pyrotechnics so that everyone would be able to see it. I don’t really know why Mario Balotelli would be so desperate for people to report seeing him at a WWE show, but it seems like he was and it seems like it worked as people like TomAtkinson7 and RhysWynne couldn’t stop tweeting about it all night.

Some people even took pictures of Mario Balotelli in the Mario Balotelli shirt. I mean, I guess that’s something you don’t see very often right?! In fairness it is pretty bizarre for somebody – even Mario Balotelli – to do that to a WWE show. Just buy a Rock T Shirt. Or John Cena or CM Punk or whoever the kids are into now.

Check out the pictures of Mario Balotelli at WWE below:


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