Mario Balotelli Gets A Haircut – New Nike Advert

Nike always make sick adverts so it’s no surprise that they’ve teamed up with the biggest sickhead in the modern game.

Mario Balotelli is pretty much everyone’s favourite footballer right? If only he had scored the winner last Sunday and then not celebrated at all, I think that’s the only thing that would have made last Sunday’s grand slam finish better than it already was.

Anyway, the season has been over for a week but Balotelli is still in the headlines – unfortunately not for any of his bizarre behaviour like turning up to a WWE event in a football strip with his own name or interrupting an Inter Milan press conference for no discernible reason – but for starring in a new Nike advert. Most Nike adverts are normally pretty sick and this one is no exception.

Balotelli is at the barber shop – which looks remarkably like the barber shop in GTA San Andreas –  waiting for his haircut with two other footballers who I’m reliably informed are Sakho from PSG and Pastore (although I’m not 100% sure on that as I don’t know anything about those players so could be wrong, feel free to correct me).

Balotelli gets called up to the chair and asked what he’s looking for by the barber and simply replies ‘To be remembered.’ The barber then takes him through some of the famous football hairstyles throughout history (Ronaldo, Valderama (or is it Fellaini?) etc) rejecting them all until finally deciding on his current weirdo thin mohawk  hairstyle, which I guess has the potential to become iconic if he doesn’t change it every week. On his way out Sakho laughs at him and bangs shoulders with him, telling him ‘he’ll see him on the pitch.’ Hopefully this is setting up a new Nike advert where they have a one on one match in a street that’s on fire or something. Apparently Sakho is a bit crazy too so it could be interesting to see where it goes. Not sure what the point of Pastore being there is though.

It’s a cool advert and it’s pretty hilarious seeing Mario Balotelli with a bunch of different hairstyles. Nike have done it again. Check it out below:

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