Mario Balotelli sure knows how to demonstrate his commitment to the team….

We love Mario Balotelli at Sick Chirpse. Remember earlier in the year when Sick Chirpse was one of the first websites to bring you the sensational story of Mario Balotelli and the problems he was having getting into his bib? Unfortunately I was on tour with Let’s Wrestle during pre-season when Mario Balotelli did his dumb backheel when clean through on goal against the LA Galaxy in a pre-season friendly so I wasn’t able to chirpse it, but it only served to further enhance his reputation in my eyes after all the stupid things that he has done since he arrived in England. In fact, Mario Balotelli did a bunch of stupid things even before that when he played for Inter. Imagine being friends with Mario Balotelli, it would be a blast! One things for sure, Mario Balotelli seems like he’s always having a good time.

In the latest news, it seems that Mario Balotelli can even have a good time when he’s on the bench for Italy in a European qualifier against the Faroe Islands on a Friday night. I often think it must be kind of a bummer being in the bench for the national team as you have to travel miles and miles and not even play – Jamie Carragher and a few other pussies have even cited it as a reason for their international retirement – but Mario Balotelli had the clear answer – just take your Ipad along and listen to some jams. Maybe Mario Balotelli was listening to Lecs Luther? It seems like the kinda stuff he might enjoy. Another rumour states that Mario Balotelli was playing Pro Evo. This is slightly more far fetched though – surely everyone plays FIFA now?

Mario Balotelli himself has fervently denied the claims that he was listening to his Ipad on the bench, stating ‘”My IPad? I wasn’t listening to it when I was on the bench…I listened to it before that.” This sounds like a solid excuse to me. Mario Balotelli ended up coming on as a substitute for the final six minutes of the game – which Italy won 1-0 – and didn’t make the bench for tonight’s game against Slovenia.

Despite Mario Balotelli’s protests of innocence, this hasn’t stopped  some dumb photoshopped pictures of Mario Balotelli holding an Ipad showing up all over the internet, which can be seen below. There’s also a video floating around of Marco Materazzi talking about a signed Ipad that Mario Balotelli left him before he left Inter Milan for Man City. I have no idea why that video exists or what Materazzi is saying in it, but it seems pretty relevant at the moment. You can see that below too. We can only wait and see what happens next in the story of Mario Balotelli. What do you think is next for him? Probably a transfer to AC Milan right?


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