Woman Quits Job Via Dancing Video On YouTube, Company Responds With Own Video

Marina Shrifin quit her job via dancing on YouTube, her boss just replied with his own dance on YouTube.

Some people quit by giving in their notices, others get a bit more creative. One woman who chose the latter was Marina Shrifin, a former employee of Next Media Animation. Marina chose to hand in her letter of resignation via interpretive dance with the backing courtesy of Kanye West. Marina explains her reasons for leaving the company in the video below:

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I suppose creating a video that gets 8,800,000 views on YouTube is a good way to highlight what quality you can make if you’re given the time. I’m sure her boss is really rather proud.

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Well her boss doesn’t actually use those word but he does wish her well in his own dance response video. If you think you’re ready for the job replacing Marina, you best get your dancing shoes on:

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