Marilyn Manson Has Categorically Denied All Allegations Of Abuse Levelled At Him

He’s released a statement.

It was a bad day for Marilyn Manson yesterday after Evan Rachel Wood and four other women that he had been in relationships with in the past all decided to come forward and share stories of how he horrifically abused them and raped them whilst they were with him. I mean I say it was a bad day for him, but the guy clearly deserved it given the awful stories that have emerged about him.

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Anyway, Manson was subsequently dropped from his record label and a load of other people in the music industry severed ties with him, but he’s now decided to present his side of the story by issuing the following vague statement on his Instagram account. Here’s what he had to say:


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OK, so there is a bit of murky area sometimes when you’re engaging in BDSM and kinky sex shit, but I think when you’re a 46 year old man making blood pacts with a 22 year old then and consistently getting with girls that are 20 years your junior then you probably need to take a look at yourself? There’s only really one reason people do that and that’s because when there’s a massive age gap people are way easier to manipulate, right?

Anyway, you would like to think that there are so many awful stories about Manson emerging that people wouldn’t believe this half assed statement, but it has 150,000 likes already so it doesn’t seem like everyone is backing the survivors in these stories. Please do better.

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