Marijuana Addiction Is On The Rise And It’s Probably Due To Super Strong Skunk

Be careful.

One of the best things about smoking weed is that it’s non addictive, so you were never worried that it was going to ruin your life when you took that first hit like people say that heroin or cocaine do. Of course, there are other ways that it can screw up your life – being a gateway drug, causing you to lay around getting fat and ordering pizza all the time, making you fail your exams etc etc – but for most of us it felt like a pretty safe introduction into the world of drugs.

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It seems like this is no longer the case though, as reports have emerged that marijuana is moving into the category of addictive drug thanks to some super strong skunk that is flooding the market. Most US states that have legalised weed haven’t shown any signals of an increase in marijuana dependency, but Dr David Smith is worried that there are signs of increased addiction in California:

There should be no controversy about the existence of marijuana addiction.

We see it every day. The controversy should be why it appears to be affecting more people.

Back in the day when kids were sitting around smoking a joint, the THC levels found in marijuana averaged from 2 to 4 percent.

That’s what most parents think is going on today. And that’s why society thinks marijuana is harmless.

But today’s weed has up an average of 20% of THC as the ‘active ingredient’.

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I mean in fairness if that’s true then that really is super, super strong and way stronger than anything me and my mates were smoking when we were sitting around in the park looking into the sky and talking about our hopes and dreams. No you’re probably just going to smoke it and immediately whitey and lie there on the ground for two hours before you can summon the strength to get up again.

That sounds like some kind of heroin addiction shit so I can see why Smith has these fears about marijuana turning into that kind of drug right now. Hopefully those strains don’t arrive over here, but in any case be careful with what you’re smoking. Know your limits.

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