Here’s Margot Robbie Defining 50 Australian Slang Terms In Under 4 Minutes

Aussie Slang Margot Robbie

Useful bitesize information.

I haven’t had the pleasure of living in Australia or even visiting it, so I’ve always been puzzled by some of the words and phrases they come out with in TV shows and YouTube videos as they often make absolutely no sense to me.

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So I’m thankful that Australian babe Margot Robbie took the time out from her busy schedule of promoting ‘Suicide Squad’ to explain to everyone what some of these slang words mean. Even better yet, she did it all in under 4 minutes so it didn’t even take a very long time to digest all this information. It’s just remembering it all that’s probably going to be the challenge for me.

Yeah, might start calling the off licence the bottle-o now because that’s a cool nickname right? Or maybe start dakking people on the reg too.

OK, most of that information was useless unless you’re planning on moving to Australia anytime soon, but it’s still nice to have some of that knowledge at the back of your memory. Maybe you can use it in a pub quiz or if you run into an Aussie at the bar sometime and they’re being annoying. Chances are they will be.

Here’s some new slang terms being used in the UK that you might not have heard about as well.


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